Saturday, April 9, 2016

WeWriWa - 4/10/16 - Silver Sky at Dawn

Welcome to this weekend's ten sentences from Silver Sky at Dawn. The school bus just pulled up and Lorena is seeing off the loves of her life -- her six year old son and eight year old daughter. To get back to the bloghop for WeWriWa, click here

“Bye Mommy, they called in unison, racing for the yellow scholastic beacon. At eight-years-old, Leesa Shayne led the way. Stopping short, she flung out her arms at just the right moment, ensuring her brother stopped and looked both ways before crossing our rural street.
Teddy Lee turned around at the last minute, deep dimples puckering his plump cheeks, and waved a little hand at me. “Buh-bye Mama. I wuv you!”
That boy’s face could light up the night good as any candle.
I made the sign for ‘I love you’. I had a working knowledge of sign language, and taught Leesa and Teddy as many as I could.

He stared at his hand, trying to make the sign back at me.

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  1. Her love for her children comes through loud and clear!

    1. Some things are certainly worth fighting for. Children top that list <3 I'm glad her sentiment came through, Ed!

  2. Awwww! What a sweetly powerful scene. Nice job a delivering an emotional punch.

  3. Good job Madeline. You showed me, and didn't have to tell me. Her mothering literally glows in the text.

  4. Gorgeous scene. Your writing is beyond wonderful.

  5. Loved the scene, all the nice little touches you included to paint a full picture. Great snippet!