Sunday, April 3, 2016

Cover Reveal for Silver Sky at Dawn and 4/3/16's WeWriWa

Good morning! Thanks for stopping by this week's excerpt from Silver Sky at Dawn. Now, I have a cover to show you, too!  Last week, Lorena discovered her husband's infidelity but before emotions could overwhelm her, her daughter pushed open the door. Which just about brings us up to speed.

         The morning routine played out in monotonous slow-motion. I located the sneaky Pop-Tarts. I packed the lunches for my second grader and kindergartner to the tune of Neil Diamond on the kitchen radio. “Kids on a perfect deployment schedule,” I’d teased to anybody who commented on the stair-step siblings. What I didn’t share with many people was the fact that Leesa Shayne had come with me from my first failed marriage. Little Teddy Lee was the only product of this one. Let people think we’re a perfect family.

After teeth were brushed and my daughter’s blonde mane tamed, the bus pulled up five minutes early. Thank goodness

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  1. I think there's about to be fireworks! He won't be peacefully sleeping for long.