Saturday, April 16, 2016

Weekend Writing Warriors - Silver Sky at Dawn. April 18, 2016

Thanks for stopping by today. Last week, we left off with little kindergarten aged Teddy Lee of Silver Sky at Dawn trying to make the sign for "I love you" to his mother, Lorena. His big sister, Leesa Shayne, is about to give herself a baby ulcer as she walks her baby brother across the street so they can board the school bus. Lorena is trying to stay focused on the morning routine, but having just found adulterous texts in her husband's phone, she can't really pull it together.

“Come on Teddalee!” Leesa’s eyes were wide with worry, as though she feared she couldn’t hold off the nonexistent traffic much longer. Her purple backpack sparkled in the bus’s headlights as she guided her six-year-old brother, whose mind was always about three clicks ahead of his body, around the front of the bus and up the steps.
Through the window, Leesa successfully molded Teddy’s fingers into the proper sign. He smashed it to the glass proudly.
I returned it as the bus’s doors squeaked shut. With a jerk, the giant vehicle roared to life and bounced down the street and out of sight.

With that, my babies were gone. Safe on the bus that would take them to school. Far away from the toxic environment of our happy home.

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Saturday, April 9, 2016

WeWriWa - 4/10/16 - Silver Sky at Dawn

Welcome to this weekend's ten sentences from Silver Sky at Dawn. The school bus just pulled up and Lorena is seeing off the loves of her life -- her six year old son and eight year old daughter. To get back to the bloghop for WeWriWa, click here

“Bye Mommy, they called in unison, racing for the yellow scholastic beacon. At eight-years-old, Leesa Shayne led the way. Stopping short, she flung out her arms at just the right moment, ensuring her brother stopped and looked both ways before crossing our rural street.
Teddy Lee turned around at the last minute, deep dimples puckering his plump cheeks, and waved a little hand at me. “Buh-bye Mama. I wuv you!”
That boy’s face could light up the night good as any candle.
I made the sign for ‘I love you’. I had a working knowledge of sign language, and taught Leesa and Teddy as many as I could.

He stared at his hand, trying to make the sign back at me.

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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Cover Reveal for Silver Sky at Dawn and 4/3/16's WeWriWa

Good morning! Thanks for stopping by this week's excerpt from Silver Sky at Dawn. Now, I have a cover to show you, too!  Last week, Lorena discovered her husband's infidelity but before emotions could overwhelm her, her daughter pushed open the door. Which just about brings us up to speed.

         The morning routine played out in monotonous slow-motion. I located the sneaky Pop-Tarts. I packed the lunches for my second grader and kindergartner to the tune of Neil Diamond on the kitchen radio. “Kids on a perfect deployment schedule,” I’d teased to anybody who commented on the stair-step siblings. What I didn’t share with many people was the fact that Leesa Shayne had come with me from my first failed marriage. Little Teddy Lee was the only product of this one. Let people think we’re a perfect family.

After teeth were brushed and my daughter’s blonde mane tamed, the bus pulled up five minutes early. Thank goodness

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