Saturday, March 19, 2016

Silver Sky at Dawn - Meet Lorena. (WeWriWa, 3/20)

            Welcome blog readers and WeWriWa fanatics! The introductory post to my debut novel Silver Sky at Dawn was posted on Sara Barnard's blog last week, so if you would like to check it out to get your bearings, click on her name above. 
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After accidently spilling a glass of water on her sleeping husband's phone, Lorena discovers a slew of text messages -- between her husband and his lover. Read what Lorena does . . . then feel free to comment and tell me -- what would you do if it was you in her shoes?

             My hands shook as a flash of fire burned my face. “Is there anything you need to tell me, Johnny?” Staring at the wall, our framed marriage certificate filled my vision. I willed it to fall off its nail.
            “I dunno what you’re talking about,” he muttered as he buried his face back into the pillow, muffling his words. “As usual.”
            Deny, deny, deny. You’d told me once that was how you always got out of trouble, deny something long enough, it will eventually go away.

            The urge to shove another pillow, hard, over the back of his head was strong. So strong that I almost didn’t hear the creak of the door as my fingers curled into the green satin pillowcase.

I hope you enjoyed this excerpt


  1. Oh wow--wonder who is at the door? A child? The lover? Good hook there at the end!

  2. I wonder too Teresa! Great hook. Me, I would have at least stepped on his phone. OOPS!

  3. Great hook to end the snippet on! If it had been me I've have kicked his butt out of the bed and crowned him with the lamp. And I too have been told by a male (not my hubby thank goodness) that the best strategy is to deny, deny, deny. LOL

  4. Hell hath no fury etc. It would depend how much I loved him and was hurt by his behaviour, whether I thought he was worth fighting over. But my first instinct would be rage, and I would start by tipping a bucket of water over him so that he was fully awake when I vented my spleen! Interesting hook at the end. If this was a murder mystery book I would say that the door opened to reveal her husband's murderer, for which his wife would initially be blamed because of his affairs. But that is a whole other book.

  5. Curling her hands around a murderous pillow at the same moment that the door creaks open. I'm not sure what is about to happen, but something definitely about to hit the fan!

  6. Good stuff! I am a new writer as well. Actually I have been writing books in my head for years, I just finally put them in words....I wish you the best! Victor Solana.